What Are Some Considerations When Buying a Used Motorcycle?


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The motorcycle type, seller type, the bike's mechanical condition, its service history and whether the bike is within the potential owner's price range are some considerations when purchasing a used motorcycle. Buyers should take the used motorcycle for a test ride to make sure that titles are clear and the mileage on the titles matches the mileage on the bikes before making a purchase.

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People purchasing used motorcycles should decide what type of riding they intend to do before picking a cruiser, sport bike, touring bike or another type of motorcycle. They should be aware that certain types of used bikes, such as dirt bikes and enduros, are more likely to have problems such as suspension wear if they've been ridden often. Buying from dealers and private sellers are options for those looking for used motorcycles, and while dealers may have knowledge bases to tap into, private sellers have personal stories about their bikes and are often more flexible on pricing.

Before buying used motorcycles, consumers should do thorough inspections of frames, chains and sprockets, battery leads, tires and suspension. They should also take note of any missing parts, as even smaller parts can be expensive to replace. Potential buyers should also ask for service records, ask when bikes were last serviced and check the mileage on used motorcycles before purchasing them. Buyers should also try to negotiate if bikes they want are out of their price range.

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