What Are Some Considerations When Buying a Used Mazda Rx7?


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When buying a used Mazda RX-7, make sure that there is no oil leak between the rear stationary seal and the adjacent O-ring. Also, if it is a turbo model, start the car several times as these models have been known to have intermittent starting problems.

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Other issues common to the Mazda RX-7 include an intermittently illuminated ABS light and engine surges on the non-turbo model. When the non-turbo Mazda RX-7 experiences engine surges, it typically follows up with a period of hesitation. The condition of the ground located on top of the engine block, beneath the intake, is often the cause of this behavior; it may be necessary to restore the ground if you find it to be compromised or corroded.

Mazda RX-7's built between the years 1990 and 1995 are at unusually high risk of developing an oil leak at a specific part of the rear of the engine. In order to gain access to the engine parts that are leaking, an automotive technician has to remove the vehicle's transmission.

If a Mazda RX-7's ABS light turn on intermittently, it may have a loose ABS ring on its rear axle. This ABS ring requires immediate replacement, and it is possible that the affected drive axle may need replacement as well.

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