What Are Some Considerations When Buying Replacement Steering Wheels?


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Considerations when buying replacement steering wheels include size, quality and whether to buy an original equipment manufacturer or aftermarket part. OEM steering wheels generally have a basic design and come in only one or two colors and materials, as they match the rest of the vehicle's interior. Aftermarket steering wheels come in many colors, shapes and materials.

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If you choose to go with an aftermarket steering wheel, consider a style that's appropriate for your vehicle. Different steering wheel styles include three-spoke, four-spoke, multi-color, boomerang-style and Formula One-style, among others. When looking at a specific style, try to imagine how it looks installed on your vehicle.

Size is another consideration when buying a replacement steering wheel. Ideally, a new steering wheel is the same size as the old one as that is the size that's optimal for the vehicle. If the vehicle has no power steering, choosing a smaller size wheel can make steering harder. Talk to a vehicle expert regarding the recommended steering wheel sizes for your vehicle.

Steering wheels endure a lot of wear and tear, so always choose a high-quality replacement steering wheel. Do not choose based on aesthetics alone. Also ask about how a new wheel can affect your steering performance.

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