How Do You Know What the Computer Codes Mean in a Dodge Vehicle?

Some websites that help users determine the meanings of computer codes in Dodge vehicles include,, Total Car Diagnostics and Actron. A list of computer codes is usually included in the user manual as well. has a list of computer error codes and their meanings for 2002 and newer Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. A separate list of climate control codes is available. The website also provides information on how to get the codes, instructions on what to do about certain issues, and instructions on how to run tests for the climate control system.

Actron offers a search service to help users find out the meaning of a vehicle computer code. To find out a code's meaning, select the make of the car, the year it was manufactured, its model and engine type, and the vehicle system to which the code is related. Next, choose the code from a list, and wait for the website to display its meaning. This code lookup feature is valid for a wide range of vehicle makes. has lists of engine codes and on-board diagnostics and their meanings for all major car manufacturers, including Dodge. Total Car Diagnostics has a list of universal car codes, and users can download free code lookup software from this website that includes car codes by manufacturer.