What Are the Components of a Tecumseh Engine?

What Are the Components of a Tecumseh Engine?

Some of the components of a Tecumseh engine include piston rings, connecting rods, spark plugs, gaskets, piston liners, seals, head bolts, pistons, oil caps, fuel filters and a carburetor, among others. Each component performs different functions from the others, although some parts work independently.

There are different models of Tecumseh engines. Among them include 3.5-horsepower Tecumseh engine, 6.0-horsepower Tecumseh engine and 6.5-horsepower Tecumseh engine. The engine model is clearly defined in the engine operator’s manual.

Tecumseh engines roots can be traced back to the 1880s, when Lauson started a repair shop. The repair business advanced, and after some time, it started manufacturing gasoline engines that were referred to as "Tecumseh." This explains why most Tecumseh engines components were branded under the name Lauson. In 2007, Tecumseh's manufacturing division was sold by Tecumseh Product Company to Platinum Equity LLC.

According to the study conducted by tecumsehengineparts.com, Tecumseh engines have become popular due to their quality. They are widely used in garden tractors, tillers, lawn mowers, snow throwers and other outdoor equipment. The Tecumseh label means dependable, powerful, long lasting and well-designed machines. Tecumseh engines are available in the market at affordable prices.

Over the years, Tecumseh engines have advanced. One of the key improvements is vibration and sound reduction. The modern engines use a new light piston with a balanced crankshaft, balanced dual countershafts and redesigned skirt. These changes have reduced vibration and noise significantly.