What Components Are Needed for an Engine Replacement?

The components needed for an engine replacement include the bearings, camshaft, lifters, pistons and piston rings. Other necessary components for engine replacement are cam drives, engine valves, timing belts and chains. Replacement parts must suit the user's make and model car.

The bearing replacement may be necessitated by factors such as low oil pressure and noise. For a seized or spun bearing, the car owner may need a complete new bearing set to repair the problem. If necessary, the faulty crankshaft journal should be turned to under-size and the connecting rod's big end reconditioned when replacing the bearings. The bearings and crankshaft journals should be lubricated before the engine is started.

Aside from breakages and seizures, the camshaft and lifters may get damaged due to lubrication complication caused by a closed valve, which eventually kills the cylinder. The installation of all pushrod camshafts should be done with new lifters, since recycling the old ones may tear the new cam's lobes. The lobes should be lubricated to prevent damage to the cam when the engine is being acclimated.

Factors that may prompt the replacement of piston and piston rings include cylinder bore distortion and failure of the rings to provide a proper seal. If the faulty rings and cylinders are not replaced, the engine experiences power reduction, fuel over-consumption and excessive exhaust emissions.