What is a complete fuel system overhaul?


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A complete fuel system overhaul involves dissembling the fuel pump, cleaning the components, replacing defective and expired parts, and testing the pump. This process works best with mechanical fuel pumps.

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What is a complete fuel system overhaul?
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The first step of a fuel system overhaul is to unscrew and remove the top of the pump, and then to unscrew and remove the bottom half. After discarding the diaphragm, seals, valves and gaskets, the pump is ready for cleaning. Cleaning involves bathing the pump components in clean gasoline and removing grime with a small, soft artist's paintbrush.

The first step of reassembling the clean, dry pump involves attaching a new diaphragm, valves, gaskets and seals. It is important to hold the pump lever down while reassembling the body and to tighten the screws in opposite pairs. Next, the top half of the pump should be screwed to the body so that the outlet faces the proper direction.

Overhaul testing occurs before the pump is remounted in the vehicle. One popular testing technique is to attach a vacuum gauge to one end of the pump and a pressure gauge to the other. Some mechanics prefer to use a single vacuum pressure gauge. The overhauled pump is ready for remounting after successful testing.

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