How Do You Complete a DIY Car Paint Job?


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To paint a car, apply a water-based automotive paint to the body of the car with a spray gun and color-sand and buff to finish. You also need a paint primer, a soft cloth, compressed air, three tall containers, paint sealer, paint activator, paint controller and a clear coat.

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  1. Apply the primer

    Mask off the areas that do not need to be painted with masking paper and painter's tape. Add paint primer to the spray gun, and apply the primer to the entire surface area of the body. Use the soft cloth and compressed air to ensure the car is clean and free of dust. Clean the spray gun.

  2. Apply the sealer

    Mix the paint sealer in its can. Add a bit of the sealer to a container, and mix in a bit of the paint activator. Add the sealer to the spray gun, and apply the sealer to the body. Allow the sealer to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes. Wipe the body with the soft cloth, and clean the spray gun.

  3. Apply the paint

    Pour the paint into the second container. Add a bit of the controller, and mix the two together. Add the paint to the spray gun, and apply the paint to the body evenly. Allow the paint to dry, and apply the clear coat afterward. Finish with a color-sand and buff job.

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