How Do You Complete a Biennial Update Using Form MCS-150?


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Submit form MCS-150 at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website using the personal identification number on the biennial update notice. Renew by mail or fax if missing the PIN or a Department of Transportation number, filing after the deadline, or registering a company providing intermodal exchange equipment.

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Gather the carrier's Department of Transportation number, its employer identification number or Social Security number, the update personal identification number, and the name and title of the company official authorized to sign forms. Include the company's credit card number, expiration date, security code, billing address, and phone number, which are used to validate the electronic signature.

From the Fmcsa.dot.gov home page, click on Registration, and select Update Registration. Scroll down to the Update Online section, and select the highlighted link in the second bullet. Once on the registration website, scroll down to the Existing Registration Updates section, select the first option, and press Continue. Review the parameters on the USDOT Number MCS-150 Update page, selecting Yes if any apply. If not, click the File Electronically button at the bottom of the page. Follow the prompts to complete the form and enter the requested credit card information.

Carriers transporting dangerous materials can use the process above, selecting the second option under Existing Registration Updates to file an MCS-150B combined carrier registration and hazardous material authorization. Intermodal equipment exchange providers must download and submit an MCS-150C by mail.

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