What are some complaints about 2005 Ford F-150 transmissions?


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One of the most common complaints about 2005 Ford F-150 transmissions is transmission failure. Other issues may include pausing during acceleration, whining sounds and overdrive settings that fail to operate properly. Common solutions for transmission failure include transmission overhaul, rebuilds or the installation of a replacement transmission.

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Other reported transmission problems for 2005 model vehicles include shuttering, failure of the converter seal and slipping. Slipping occurs when the transmission fails to relay power from the engine to the wheels. While manual transmissions often experience slipping due to a worn clutch, the F-150's automatic transmission may suffer any number of issues that cause it to slip such as failure of the transmission relay circuit or problems with the mass airflow sensor.

Other causes of transmission issues may include lack of lubrication due to low fluid levels, damaged gaskets or a stuck regulator valve that produces a low idle speed. Damaged or worn clutch plates are another source of many common transmission problems. Damage to the transmission fluid pump, housing or valve body can also create issues such as low speeds at idle or in different gears or abnormal shifting and slipping. Failure of electrical or mechanical components such as the shift solenoid or turbine shaft-speed sensor may also produce transmission problems.

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