How Do You Compare Travel Trailer Specifications?

To compare travel trailer specifications, use the comparison chart on Best Travel Trailers Guide or Axle Geeks. These sites feature between 75 and 1,000 different trailers for comparison.

To compare travel trailer specifications:

  1. Sort the comparison chart
  2. The Best Travel Trailers Guide lists the following specifications: type, overall length (feet), floor length (feet), height and floor width. Axle Geeks lists interior height, floor plan, category, manufacture's suggested retail price, sleeping capacity and GVWR. It also has filters for factors such as year made, entertainment features and bathroom features. To sort the data on the Best Travel Trailers Guide comparison chart, select the category to compare and click the arrow next to it. Click it again to rearrange the items in the opposite order. To sort the data on the Axle Geeks comparison chart, select the data to compare from the drop-down menu. Specify whether to sort the data from high to low, or low to high.

  3. Search for specific trailers
  4. If looking for specific trailers, use the search function on the Best Travel Trailers Guide chart, or narrow down the options on the Axle Geeks chart. Best Travel Trailers Guide is adding new trailers as an ongoing process, so if the desired trailer doesn't appear on the chart, try checking back or looking for it on the Axle Geeks chart.