How Do You Compare Specifications for Different Chrysler Models?


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In order to compare specifications for different Chrysler models, use a "Compare Cars Side-by-Side" application like the one featured on Cars.com. This application allows users to choose two or more vehicles to compare certain specifications, such as fuel economy, transmission types and available engines.

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Cars.com has an application that makes it easy to compare various vehicles side-by-side. Use the following steps to compare specifications for different Chrysler models.

  1. Go to Cars.com
  2. Open the Cars.com site in a Web browser.

  3. Click the "Compare Cars" link under the "Research" tab
  4. Hover the cursor over the "Research" tab in the menu across the top of the screen. When a secondary menu appears, click on the "Compare Cars" link.

  5. Choose the Chrysler vehicles to compare
  6. Choose "Chrysler" under the "Make" drop-down menu. From here, choose the year and model of Chrysler vehicles that should be compared. More than two cars can be compared by clicking on the "Add Another Car" link. Click on "Compare" to start comparing vehicles.

  7. Compare the specifications side by side
  8. Search through the chart that appears to compare the two or more vehicles selected. For more information on each vehicle, click on the "Research This Vehicle" link that appears under the picture of each car at the top of the screen.

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