How Do You Compare RV Window Curtains?


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The best way to compare RV window curtains is to factor in the level of privacy they provide, how easy they are to clean, how they open and close, and finally, what effect they produce on the inner RV space.

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If you are looking for utmost privacy, RV curtains that cover your windshield are a critical point to start from when comparing curtains. You are better off choosing a large windshield curtain that joins into the coach wall and has a track that opens and closes it easily. The material of the curtain also determines how well they block out light. Traditional pleated curtains are a popular option for optimal privacy in a modern RV.

Another key aspect to consider when comparing RV curtains is how easy they are to clean. Thicker curtains may provide better privacy, but they may also be more difficult to wash. The color of the curtains also determines how conspicuously dirty they appear when they accumulate stains. Cotton curtains that bear all over patterns normally maintain a cleaner appearance than plain curtains.

The last factor that may help you choose the right RV curtains is how they look from the inside. An attractive or brighter curtain color adds a positive effect to the interior look of the RV. Strive to keep the curtain color and floor color well coordinated to maintain a neat and generally pleasant impression.

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