How Do You Compare Prices for an 18-Volt Battery Charger?


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To compare prices for an 18-volt battery charger, you first need to identify the type of battery you intend to charge. Generally, all chargers work well for all types of batteries except for gel cell batteries. If your battery is a gel cell, then you need to limit your search to 18-volt chargers for gel cell batteries.

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Once you know the type of 18-volt battery charger you want to buy, start by visiting the websites of the manufacturers themselves, as these often post the manufacturer's suggested retail price for their products. Some allow you to order directly.

You can also try using search engines to look for articles that compare the features and price of one battery charger to another. A good example of these articles are "Car Battery Chargers Top 10 Under $100 For 2015" by Car Battery Chargers Central and "What is the Best Car Battery Charger: A Comparison Price Guide" by CarsDirect.com.

You may also use comparison shopping sites such as NexTag and PriceGrabber. These sites connect you to many retailers selling the product you're looking for. With comparison shopping sites, you not only compare the prices, but also other costs included in the purchase such as shipping, handling and taxes.

You may also visit forums and blogs that discuss battery charger prices. However, the information from these sources do not represent the experience of all buyers.

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