How Do You Compare Gas Mileage for Different Minivan Models?


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Quickly and easily compare the gas mileage for different minivan models by visiting Edmunds.com. There, users can view all makes and models of minivans from various manufacturers or by model year and can compare the features of each.

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How Do You Compare Gas Mileage for Different Minivan Models?
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Edmunds.com has all the latest information on new minivans as well as older models. Using the website is both fast and easy.

  1. Visit Edmunds.com
  2. Visit Edmunds.com and click on "Car Type" at the top of the screen.

  3. Select "Minivan"
  4. After selecting "Car Type," click "Minivan."

  5. Browse all minivans
  6. On the picture that comes up on the next screen, click "Browse All Minivans."

  7. Set the search parameters
  8. Using the options on the left side of the screen, set the search parameters, if desired. Select from features, base price, year and miles per gallon (MPG).

  9. See the MPG for a model or select a minivan
  10. Select a minivan from the list by clicking its picture or the blue link underneath the picture.

The MPG of each van is listed underneath the picture and users can compare models on this page. The van's mileage in the city is the first number listed and its highway mileage is the second. The number will appear similar to "18/25."

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