How Do You Compare Different Mud Truck Tires?


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Mud tires for trucks are compared by their hardness and the size, shape and depth of the lugs in their treads. These factors determine the tires' grip capabilities, sound profile, appearance and durability.

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Mud tires can be identified by the letters "MT" at the end of the tire size, which can be found on the sidewall. Within this tire category is a wide range of tires with various tread profiles and street functionality. Some mud tires are also effective in sand and dirt.

Toyo Tires, Goodyear and BF Goodrich each make several lines of tires with mud capabilities that have reasonable low sound levels and are still long-lasting. In general, these tires have smaller tread depth and, while still being mud-capable, can be used on the street in a daily driving capacity.

Other brands of mud tires, such as Super Swamper, Maxxis and Ground Hawg, do not perform as well on roads, though the tires' deep lug patterns, which often extend onto the sidewalls, give them an aggressive appearance. While they are street legal in most cases, these tires are recommended for off-road use, and their owners often keep another set of tires if the vehicles are intended for daily use.

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