How Do You Compare Costs for Replacing a Rear Bumper?


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Compare bumper replacement costs by getting a detailed written estimate from multiple auto body shops. As of 2015, bumper replacement costs anywhere from $300 to $1,600 installed, according to CostHelper.com.

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How Do You Compare Costs for Replacing a Rear Bumper?
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The cost for body work such as rear bumper replacement varies from one shop to the next, so getting multiple estimates is necessary to find the best rate. The labor cost is often a factor in the overall price. A large shop with expensive overhead and lots of support staff to pay may charge more than a small shop. The location is also a factor. A shop in an expensive part of the city costs more to run than a location in a less ritzy part of town.

When comparing the estimates, look at each part of the estimate to ensure the comparisons are equal. Ask for a breakdown between hourly labor costs and parts so you can see how the options compare in those areas.

The cheapest shop isn't always the best place to get the bumper replaced. Some shops may use aftermarket parts, which means they aren't produced by the original auto manufacturer. The rear bumper plays an integral role in absorbing and distributing the shock of a crash impact. The bumper vibration distribution also reaches the airbag sensors. A difference in the components of a new bumper may affect the impact of a crash.

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