What Company Publishes the Best Ford Repair Manuals?


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The best and most-comprehensive Ford repair manuals come from Ford Motor Company itself for use by its factory technicians, although Haynes and Chilton make quality repair manuals for most Ford models. Haynes and Chilton manuals cost less than factory Ford books and are sufficient for most repair jobs.

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What Company Publishes the Best Ford Repair Manuals?
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Ford has published an official factory repair manual for each of its models dating all the way back to the company's inception. The automaker designs these manuals for use by professional factory technicians, and they contain all information necessary for vehicle maintenance and standard repairs. Finding a printed copy for older models can be difficult, but numerous suppliers offer CD and online versions for sale.

Among third-party-produced repair manuals, Haynes and Chilton have emerged as the leading sources. Each company makes print and digital versions, even for very old Ford models. While these books may not be as comprehensive as factory manuals, Haynes and Chilton produce their manuals with non-professionals in mind, and thus they may be easier to understand.

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