What Companies Provide Car Air-Conditioner Repair?

As of 2015, Firestone Complete Auto Care, Midas and Goodyear retailers provide air conditioning repair. Firestone and Midas allow customers to schedule an appointment online, but Goodyear requires calling for an appointment.

The main air conditioning services available from Firestone include air conditioning repair and recharge, and the company provides freon to keep the unit running smoothly. The first step of the repair process is a full air conditioning check, which helps the technicians locate leaks and loose fittings, hoses and seals. Firestone guarantees the work the technicians do on the car, and all technicians have certification.

Midas also checks the air conditioning system and recommends an annual inspection of the air conditioning and heating systems to avoid troubles in the future. Midas has more than 50 years of experience repairing vehicle heating and air conditioning, and coupons are available from the website.

Goodyear retailers also offer air conditioning service. To find the closest location, the customer must enter a ZIP code into the Goodyear website. The website shows the closest local mechanic with Goodyear approval, and then the individual can call for an appointment. Goodyear offers coupons on the company website for air conditioning service, and only technicians with Goodyear certification complete the work.