What Are Some Companies That Produce Five-Door Hatchback Cars?


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Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet and Hyundai are some of the companies that produce five-door hatchback cars. While five-door hatchbacks were once considered to be cheaply-made and inferior, each of these companies produces a decent-to-good model; especially Chevrolet and Hyundai.

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According to rankings from MotorTrend.com, the Hyundai Accent is the premier five-door hatchback car on the market. The Accent boasts better fuel efficiency than its peers, about 32 miles per gallon, and also has top-notch acceleration and braking abilities. Hyundai's Accent also has the lowest price of the five-door hatchbacks that MotorTrend.com looked at and tied Kia's Rio for the longest warranty.

The Sonic by Chevrolet is also highly-regarded in the five-door hatchback market. The Sonic receives high praise for its aggressive styling and generous features. The Sonic also offers its owners a very quiet and enjoyable highway driving experience with its effective noise insulation and a well-built suspension system.

The Toyota Yaris is also considered one of the best five-door hatchbacks available, but the style of its exterior is polarizing to some, and it lacks quick acceleration. Although the Yaris's interior design is also something that people either love or hate, MotorTrend.com did note that its back seat is pleasantly large and might even be the biggest of all the five-door hatchbacks that were evaluated.

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