What Companies Offer Troubleshooting Services for Automobile Air Conditioning?

What Companies Offer Troubleshooting Services for Automobile Air Conditioning?

As of 2016, companies that offer troubleshooting services for automobile air conditioning include Meineke, Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube and Firestone. A customer can find the closest location for any of these companies by entering a ZIP code into the business's website.

Meineke diagnoses and repairs air conditioning in vehicles; the company's technicians can check the fans, pressure, the Freon level, belts and electrical issues. Additionally, Meineke can locate leaks in the system and recharge the vehicle's air conditioning.

Pep Boys offers a free air conditioning check for customers. It can also charge the air conditioning system, inspect for leaks and make repairs. Some of these services are not available in California. Customers can make an appointment online at PepBoys.com.

Jiffy Lube offers air conditioning diagnosis and inspection but does not offer air conditioning repairs. Jiffy Lube visually inspects the vehicle's air conditioning system and can recharge it, but the company suggests other options in the event of a leak or other major issue. Customers should contact Jiffy Lube before taking a car in for an air conditioning inspection, as not all locations offer air conditioning service.

Firestone locations also offer air conditioning diagnosis and repair in addition to recharging the system. Firestone can repair all major air conditioning issues, including problems with hoses, compressors, leaks, switches and motors.