Which Companies Offer the Best Racing Crate Engines for Sale?


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Ford Racing offers some of the most cost-efficient crate engines for racing, striking the best balance between price and performance among the major crate engine manufacturers. However, the most cost-efficient crate motor on sale as of the end of 2014 is the Chevrolet 350/290.

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An example of a Ford Racing crate motor with an excellent price to performance ratio is the 302-cubic-inch M50 engine. This motor produces 412 horsepower and 390 foot-pounds of torque for a retail price of $7,279.

The Chevrolet 350/290 produces 290 horsepower and costs only $2,560, only $8.83 per horsepower, but it is an outlier relative to the typical price-performance ratios of Chevrolet engines.

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