What Companies Offer One-Way Budget Trailer Rentals?

companies-offer-one-way-budget-trailer-rentals Credit: Luis Davilla/age fotostock/Getty Images

Finding a one-way budget trailer rental company can be daunting, but it is doable with national companies like U-Haul, U-Pack or local trucking and equipment companies. Shopping around to find the best trailer and best moving time is the key.

National companies offer the most locations for trailer rentals. Brands like U-Haul offer trailers for a variety of purposes like motorcycle or long-distance car trailers. Most companies require customers to rent their trucks with trailer rentals. U-Haul allows trailer rentals without renting their trucks. Prices vary by amount moved, date, pickup and drop-off locations and demand.

Other options are container companies. They rent small 5-foot-by-6-foot cubicles to full trailers for moving. Companies like U-Pack deliver a container. Once renters complete packing, U-Pack returns for the container and ships it to its destination. Customers unpack then schedule removal when done. Prices vary by distance, pickup and drop-off location and container size.

Getting an affordable price also depends on timing. The most expensive times to rent are weekends, holidays and the end of the month. Seasonal moving like a new school year, holidays and the warmer months increases pricing. Shopping around and asking about pricing, mileage and any applicable storage fees can help secure the best rates.