What Are Some Companies That Offer Installation for Aftermarket Sunroofs?

Companies that offer installation for aftermarket sunroofs include Signature Automotive Concepts, American Sunroof Corporation and Audio Express. Others include AE Sunroofs LLC and Classic Soft Trim.

Signature Automotive Concepts installs inbuilt Signature and Webasto Sunroofs. Its installations have a 3 year-36,000 warranty for the lifetime of parts and service. All sunroof installations have inbuilt louvered handles, glass panels, integrated pop-up wind deflectors and illuminated switches. The company is an installer and seller of open-air sunroofs that capitalizes on its OEM heritage.

Audio Express sells and installs aftermarket sunroofs with full lifetime warranty. The company services all its installed sunroofs in case of leaks, failure to open or close. It has authorized installation agents who deal with all major car dealers at its Raleigh and Richmond locations. AE Sunroofs LLC is a primary installer of Katzkin and Webasto sunroofs and is the main installation center for the Metro Detroit area. All its aftermarket sunroofs integrate the Panoramic style.

Classic Soft Trim is a one-stop installer of aftermarket sunroof packages and leather-trimmed interiors. The company works in partnership with regional car dealers and automotive owners. Its sunroof packages include full inbuilt electric, topslider and pop-up. On the other hand, American Sunroof Corporation provides basic and advanced Aftermarket sunroofs. The company is an authorized installer for Inalfa and Webasto sunroofs.