What Are Some Companies That Offer Gearbox Repair?


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Some companies that repair gearboxes include DaytonGear.com, GearboxExpress.com, PAMCOMachine.com, SmithServices.com and ChuronCo.com. DaytonGear.com repairs and rebuilds damaged gearboxes in the Dayton, Ohio, area. The company provides full and partial rebuilds, ration and seal changes, housing repairs and emergency repairs.

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DaytonGear.com services many gearbox brands, including Boston, Flender, GE, Chemineer and Dodge. The company caters to agricultural, automotive, mining, chemical and machine tool industries. It can repair or rebuild gearboxes for specialized industrial uses, such as robotic arms, chemical mixing agitation drives and power generators. DayonGear.com also provides reverse engineering services, gear design engineering and computer-aided design.

GearboxExpress.com is a Wisconsin company that remanufactures and repairs upshaft assemblies for wind turbine towers, repairs turbine gearboxes, and provides maintenance and assembly training for gearbox technicians. The company tests wind turbine equipment by subjecting it to simulated wind tests inside the factory. GearboxExpress.com remanufactures gearboxes using Tier 1 supplied bearings, coated rollers and new high-speed shafts. Other parts are also replaced with new ones during remanufacturing, including cooler cores, lubrication pump motors, and hoses and filters.

PAMCOMachine.com services gearboxes for industrial machinery and serves the chemical, mining, petroleum, wind power and marine industries. The company supports many gearbox types, including bevel gear, spur, helical, offset gear and planetary gearboxes. PAMCOMachine.com sends its service engineers to repair gearboxes at industrial facilities, and it can also ship gearboxes to its own repair facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The company services most gearbox models and guarantees a 24-hour turnaround time for service.

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