What Companies Offer DOT Truck Inspection Services?


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Speedco and J&R Truck Service offer commercial truck drivers federal annual inspection services as well as Compliance, Safety, Accountability, or CSA, inspections meeting the standards set by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Speedco operates in most U.S. states, while J&R Truck Service operates in Texas.

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Speedco offers commercial truck drivers federal annual inspection services that come with a 15-day re-inspection guarantee; if Speedco finds anything wrong with the vehicle it is inspecting, the customer has 15 days to repair the issue and bring the truck back for a free re-inspection. Speedco does not provide CSA inspection services on behalf of the DOT, but offers an inspection service that allows its customers to find issues that may hurt their CSA score when they take the official examination from their state's DOT. In addition to inspection services, Speedco offers a range of mechanical analysis services, including tire replacements and oil analysis.

J&R Truck Service is licensed to examine vehicles for federal annual inspection compliance on behalf of the federal government, and it offers a CSA inspection service designed to prepare drivers for the official DOT examination. The company also performs heavy duty repairs on large commercial trucks and buses, including power train repairs, electronic equipment diagnosis and engine overhauls.

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