What Companies Manufacture Small Travel Trailers?

What Companies Manufacture Small Travel Trailers?

Some companies that manufacture small travel trailers include Airstream, Casita, CenTech and Serro-Scotty. The California-based company So-Cal also produces compact-sized travel trailers.

The Airstream brand has earned the reputation as America's classic recreational vehicle. Headquartered in Ohio, Airstream's aluminum-encased travel trailer is noted for its luxury and designer look. The Texas-based firm Casita makes lightweight travel trailers that can accommodate two to six persons. This RV is constructed from fiberglass and equipped with a private shower, toilet and convertible interior furnishings.

CenTech manufactures the iCamp, which features stylish, colorful aluminum trimmings. This travel trailer also incorporates adequate built-in storage space despite its lightweight size. Serro-Scotty is a Pennsylvania-based company that produced travel trailers from 1957 to 1997, when a plant fire halted its operations. In 2007, Serro-Scotty Worldwide took up reproduction of original Serro-Scotty RVs, including small-sized teardrop-shaped campers.

Scamp also offers small travel trailers in its product line-up. Its 13-foot camper contains sofas and a dining area that convert into beds, providing sufficient sleeping quarters for up to four people. This travel trailer has overall dimensions of 13 feet, 7.5 feet and 6.67 feet in terms of length, height and width, respectively. Its interior measures 10 feet long, 6.25 feet tall and 6.5 wide.

The So-Cal teardrop travel trailers are characterized by their anodized aluminum outer finish. These light campers, which come with a bed and galley, are also noted for their towability and fuel efficiency. Other companies that manufacture small travel trailers include Tonke and Knaus.