What Companies Make the Best Synthetic Oil Filters?

The best oil filters are made by companies such as Purolator, Mobil 1, WIX and Baldwin. The oil filters manufactured by these companies are highly rated based on the quality and surface area of the filtering element, the construction of the filter valves and overall value in relation to performance.

Purolator?s PureONE oil filter provides high-quality filtering capability at a reasonable price. Maximum filtration is possible with this filter due to a densely packed filter element. Purolator also manufactures the Premium Plus filter for a lower cost while still providing good filtering capacity.

Mobil 1 is a trusted brand that produces the Extended Performance oil filter, which is able to capture contaminants and microparticles better than standard filters for improved performance. This oil filter is made with synthetic fibres for enhanced oil cleaning.

The WIX Spin-On Fuel Filter is solidly built and features a patented design. This brand of oil filter is affordable, readily available and popular among buyers looking for standard replacement oil filters. WIX offers an innovative oil filter that promises to extend oil life and make oil changes quick and convenient.

Baldwin oil filters are inexpensive and durable and can be used in both cars and trucks. Baldwin oil filters trap contaminants in two ways, by adherence to the filter media and by the pressure created as oil flows through the filter.