What Are Some Companies That Make Fiberglass Dune Buggy Bodies?

As of 2015, companies that make fiberglass dune buggy bodies include Berrien Buggy, Meyers Manx and Bandit Dune Buggy. Berrien Buggy by Acme in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, manufactures fiberglass frames and accessories as well as dune buggy bodies. Meyers Manx, based in Valley Center, California, is the company linked to Bruce Meyers, who designed the first fiberglass dune buggy. Based in Grand Terrace, California, Bandit Dune Buggy has been in business of manufacturing fiberglass car kits since 2001.

Berrien Buggy is open Monday through Friday during normal business hours and on weekends by appointment.

The owners of Bandit Dune Buggy have more than 40 years of experience in making fiberglass products. The company designs its buggy body kits so customers can assemble them without modifying the chassis of their Volkswagens. If customers prefer, Bandit Dune Buggy does up to a 95 percent build-out of their vehicles.

Meyers Manx, based in Valley Center, California, maintains office hours on the weekdays and is open on Saturday by appointment. Its dune buggy models include the Kick-Out Manx, Kick-Out S.S. Manx and Meyers Manx Manxter DualSport. The Kick-Out S.S. Manx, a street version of the Kick-Out Manx, is equipped with a dual-hoop roll bar, curved windshield and inset headlights on a hood that opens. Bruce Meyers, a founder of the sport of off-road racing, founded B.F. Meyers & Co. The company produced vehicles such as the Meyers Manx and Manx SR street roadster until it closed in 1971.