What Companies Make Cheaper Versions of Super Swamper Tires?


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Some manufacturers that produce cheaper mud terrain tires similar to Super Swamper tires are Dunlop, General Tire and Green Diamond. Less expensive mud terrain tires, designated with 'MT' on their sidewalls, do not have as deep or aggressive tread patterns as some of the specialized off-road tires made by Super Swamper, but they are similar to some of Super Swamper's mid-level mud tires.

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The Green Diamond Tire Icelander MT has a similar lug depth and tread pattern to the SSR Series Super Swamper TSL Radial Tire, though the lugs are slightly smaller. The Icelander features hard silicium carbide granules, which users report as providing excellent traction in mud, dirt or snow, without being too noisy or soft to drive on the street.

The General Tire Grabber AT2 is a comparable tire to the Super Swamper VorTrac All Terrain Tire. Both are essentially street tires that have off-road capabilities, though the VorTrac has a better traction rating in ice and snow, since the tread has more and deeper sipes. Both the Grabber and VorTrac tires are classified as All Terrain, or AT, tires and have similar tread patterns.

The Dunlop Radial Mud Rover is comparable to the Super Swamper TSL Radial Mud Tire in size and shape, though the tread patterns are not similar. The mud rover features a directional pattern for good mud traction, with large voids spaced out enough to assist with cleaning mud and debris. Both radial mud tires feature medium-to-large lugs that extend onto the sidewall.

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