What Companies Install Viper Car Alarms?


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Soundproofinc.com and Sonieletonix.com are some of the companies that install Viper car alarms as of 2016. These online companies also deal in the sale and installation of various vehicle security products, such as car cameras, air horns, tracking systems, collision warnings, CB radios and others.

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Soundproofinc.com provides buyers with Viper car alarm installation services for various car models. This company features soundproof remote start car alarms that allow owners to remote start or locate cars from virtually anywhere using smartphones. The company provides a Viper start smart app with features such as a graphical interface with controls for lock and unlock, trunk release, panic, remote car start and aux channels. The product also provides for multi-person and multi-vehicle smart control where one user can control several cars. The product also gives a smart park, customized control buttons, parking meter reminder, home control integration and roadside assistance. Buyers can also customize the look and feel of the Viper start smart app by applying any of the skins available for download from the app for $0.99 as of 2016.

Sonielectronix.com features sale and installation of Viper keyless entry modules and Viper remotes and transmitters. The site lists the top 20 Viper car alarm accessories and installation products and gives a quote for Viper car alarm installation services based on information such as the car model, make and year, and the set time duration for the installation.

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