What Are Some Companies That Install Rear View Mirrors?


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Interior rear view mirror repair is a very common practice done by all types of automotive garages including Firestone franchises and Sierra Car Care. Mirror replacement falls into the same category as interior lighting repair, and often requires less than one hour of labor to complete.

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Both Tire and Brake Pros and Sierra Car Care offer the same type of services, but primarily focus on lighting repairs. Most modern vehicles have a light located on the rear-view mirror assembly, so if the unit breaks, it will need to be replaced. Both places also claim processes should take under 30 minutes to complete.

Tire and Brake Pros is located in Tracy, California, where as Sierra Car Care has several locations, all of which serve the state of Nevada. Both auto repair shops can be contacted using their published phones numbers or email addresses.

However, due to the simplicity of the repair, some companies advocate for someone to complete a self-repair, such as Popular Mechanics. Do-it-yourself repair kits are offered at auto part stores, and include a special adhesive that sticks the mirror to the glass on a unit. The pre-cut mirror will have to be purchased prior to completing this repair.

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