What Are Some Companies Designing New Flying Cars?


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Some companies designing flying cars in 2016 include Terrafugia, AeroMobil, Moller International and PAL-V. Government regulations and logistical concerns present roadblocks to the commercial release of flying cars, but these companies are still hopeful about their emergence in the market.

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Two MIT graduates founded Terrafugia, and the company hopes to make the “Transition,” its first flying car, available for sale in 2017. In 2015, the company had already accepted pre-orders from around 100 customers. AeroMobil is a Slovakian firm that also expects to finalize its flying car design and begin accepting orders in 2017. Netherlands-based PAL-V already accepts orders for its first flying car, and expects to ship the vehicle in 2017. U.S. Company Moller International predicts that it could begin selling its flying cars in 2016, though this is contingent on proper authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Government regulations have been largely responsible for preventing flying cars from emerging into the commercial market. The cars have to pass a battery of tests and prove their safety before they can be sold. In addition, the nature of the vehicles means that they require aviation, road and transportation certifications. An AeroMobil prototype crashed during testing in May 2015, highlighting the importance of exhaustive testing before flying vehicles are widely released. Many companies have also experienced funding issues, often accepting investment from venture capital firms or financing their designs privately.

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