What Are Common Volvo Transmission Problems?

common-volvo-transmission-problems Credit: nakhon100/CC-BY 2.0

Some common transmission problems with Volvo include loss of transmission operation, premature automatic transmission, hard and erratic shifting, rough downshifts and delayed acceleration. Other problems include taking a long time to shift between gears, noisy vibration and oil leakage.

Some Volvo models have known pre-existing issues, which can cause premature automatic transmission or a delay in automatic transmission. An internal failure or outdated transmission software can cause the loss of transmission operation. A weak transmission system can cause the car to come to a complete halt while driving due to hard and erratic shifting. Additionally, when the transmission control module has not been updated, drivers may experience hard and erratic shifting.

The delayed acceleration can be caused by a defective valve body. Outdated transmission software in the car can cause extremely rough downward shifting and long shift times between gear shifts. The gear slips out when the automatic transmission is not fully engaged, or when the transmission has not sent the right signals to the gears in advance.

Noisy vibration is common in models built between 1998 and 2003. A contaminated transmission fluid can cause noise in some Volvo models when driving at average speed. A worn out transmission system can cause a leaking rear final drive unit.