What Are Some Common Volvo Car Problems?

Common problems with Volvo cars include problems with transmission, Check Engine light issues, ABS warning light issues and fuel flap problems. Other common problems include exterior bulbs burning out prematurely, upper engine mount failure, defective cooling fans and fluid leaks in the power steering.

Transmission problems are common with models such as the Volvo V70, S60 and XC90. Users normally complain of unreliable and problematic transmission especially when switching between gears. The Check Engine light can also light up due to the malfunction of internal components or software issues. A faulty ABS control module causes the ABS warning lights to appear with the Volvo S70. Upper engine mount failure is also commonly reported with this model, and the fuel flap hinges are susceptible to breakage as well.

Faulty cooling fans are widespread with the Volvo XC60, and power steering fluid leaks are the most common problems with the Volvo S60. A fluid leak in the hose normally causes the power steering to malfunction.