What Are the Common Uses for Flatbed Trucks?


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One of the most common uses of flatbed trucks is to transport other vehicles after accidents or breakdowns. They are used to haul a wide variety of freight locally and in long-haul trucking.

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Flatbed tow trucks usually have a bed that extends so the disabled car can be winched onto it. Flatbed dump trucks have a similar design. They are often used for carrying oversized bales of hay and other heavy cargo. Flatbeds are also often used for hauling tractors, diggers and other farm or construction equipment that is not safe to drive on the street. These types of flatbeds are known as articulated trucks because the bed moves.

Rigid flatbed trucks are also common. They are popular choices on farms because it is easy for multiple workers to stack smaller hay bales or sacks of livestock feed. They are also used for hauling oversized loads or products with unusual shapes, such as wind turbine or generator parts. The flat edges allow these loads to extend past the sides of the truck and generally require the assistance of a pilot car to help keep traffic away.

Flatbed trucks are also gaining popularity among people who use truck campers. Flatbed truck campers often offer more space and additional entrance options compared to standard truck campers.

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