What Are Some Common Types of for-Hire Transport Trailers?


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Common for-hire transport trailers include flat bed, enclosed, refrigerated, Lowboy and extendable trailers. The trailers differ in terms of the type of cargo they can carry, the model style and freight dimensions.

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Flatbed trailers are a leading asset in the trucking industry, because they are highly versatile and allow the loading of freight from the sides, tips and rear. Individuals and businesses who want to transport chilled or frozen products often hire refrigerated trailers and reefers, which are temperature-controlled and not affected by the outside weather. Enclosed trailers protect freight from the elements resulting from poor weather and roadways. They allow the loading of freight on the rear and sides and commonly require the use of a dock.

Lowboy trailers are typical for transporting tall containers for goods and services. Hiring and using these trailers may require a state permit, because the freight is normally taller than the legal height. Extendable trailers carry loads that are too long to transport on standard flatbed trailers. The trailers provide maximum support for the freight, eliminating possible overhanging. Specialized trailer types such as perimeter and dolly are popular for transporting oversized and over-dimensional pieces that do not fit any standard trailers. The dimensions of these trailers depend on state-to-state regulations and trailer specifications.

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