What Are Some Common Trouble Codes for Dodge RAM?


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Common trouble codes for the Dodge RAM include 11 for no electricity present between the distributor and the Powertrain Control Module, or PCM, and 12 for a battery disconnect. A 13 indicates a problem with the Manifold Actual Pressure, or MAP, which is a sensor for the vacuum system. A 14 indicates that the MAP is sensing too low or too high a voltage in the system.

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Code 17 means the engine is running too hot or too cold, while 22 means that the engine coolant sensor shows an abnormal temperature. A 23 means the intake air manifold temperature sensor detects abnormal readings. Code 41 means that the alternator may not be charging properly and the battery voltage is below 11.75 volts. A bad battery may also trigger this code.

Code 46 means the battery is being overcharged while code 47 means it is being undercharged. A 43 indicates a short in the ignition coil, while a 72 means the catalytic converter has stopped working. Code 55 flashed after the last warning code is displayed.

From 1994 to 1997, RAM owners could read the codes by turning the key on but not starting the engine. The codes would show up on the Check Engine light. Later models may only be read by a DRB diagnostic tool, found at dealerships and some service repair shops.

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