What Are Some Common Trailer Body Parts?

What Are Some Common Trailer Body Parts?

Some common trailer body parts are trailer couplers, trailer lights and trailer wheels. Trailer parts should be replaced often, and using trailer couplers with safety chains minimizes the chances of the trailer accidentally detaching and reversing.

Trailer couplers are used to connect the towing vehicle to the trailer by attaching the trailer coupler to the hitch ball. There are various types of couplers, and the trailer's tongue determines the type to use. Light trailers use the straight tongue coupler. The A-frame tongue is mostly used on heavy trailers, while the Gooseneck tongue works for the much heavier trailers, such as horse trailers.

Most trailers have their tail lights wired to those of the towing car for increased visibility. Amazon.com has various replacement trailer lights that come as kits, such as the Maxxtow Towing Products 12V LED Trailer Light Kit. The kit includes two amber lights, tail and turn signal lights, and a wiring harness.

Trailer wheels come in various sizes for different trailers, and some Amazon.com sellers can customize them to the required wheel sizes.

Always ensure that a trailer part is compatible with the trailer by checking the trailer's original documentation or taking measurements of the required part or space where the part connects.