What Are Some Common Tire Complaints?

What Are Some Common Tire Complaints?

Common tire problems include tire wear, vibrating, squealing and steer veer. Other complaints are wear patterns and swollen spots on the tires among others problems.

Tire wear has many forms. The ends of the tires are known as shoulders. One-shoulder wear refers to one end being worn more than the other. This is an indication of poor alignment by camber. Lateral wear is a good indication of poor alignment by toe setting.

When the center of the tire is worn, it indicates one of two problems. The tire is either over-inflated exposing the center rib to wear first, or the tire is under-inflated, in which case both shoulders wear out.

Vibrations in a car from the tire indicate poor balancing. The vehicle lacks proper balancing if it veers to one side. It is an indication of poor inflation with either irregular, excessive or inadequate pressure in the tires.

Mismatched tires cause steering problems too, with the dials in opposite directions or wear on the tires lopsided to one direction. Squeals from the tire indicate inflation problems and load mismatch.

Tires have load ratings indicated on the tire along with size, speed rating and wheel radius. The ratings and limits put on the tire offer guidelines; if these are ignored, the result is a problem with the tires.

Swollen spots on tires are a result of exposing the tires to physical impact. Tubeless tires exhibit the swollen spots upon impact, but they can also be an indication of bent wheels.