What Are Some Common Suspension Problems?

Some common suspension problems include the car pulling to one side when moving, the wheels wandering rapidly back and forth and the steering wheel becoming difficult to steer. The steering wheel may also slip back and forth when being turned or being held in a turned position.

If the car pulls to one side when being driven, the owner should check the tires for low or uneven pressure. If some tires are worn out, they need replacement. The issue could also be improper wheel alignment. If neither of these is the root of the problem, the car owner should inspect the steering components and the brakes for damage. The car owner should also check for the issues outlined above if the wheels wander back and forth when the car is in motion.

If the steering wheel is difficult to steer, the car owner should check the level of the power steering fluid; he should add if it has a low level. The power steering belt could also be loose or worn out. If the issue isn't with the power steering fluid or the power steering belt, the power steering pump could be damaged. The car owner should inspect the same components if the steering wheel seems to be slipping.