What Are Some Common Steel Wheel Repairs?


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Common steel wheel repairs include straightening them when they are bent or dented. However, due to the inexpensive cost of steel wheels, it is often more economical to have them replaced instead of repaired.

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To repair a dented steel wheel, first gather a hammer, rim straightener, straight edge, metal file and steel wool. A hand-held propane torch is also needed. Before beginning, don safety goggles, and remove the tire with pry bars.

Put on heat-proof gloves, and turn on the propane torch to its highest setting. The flame should be blue, as that indicates a temperature that does not scorch the steel as it heats. Heat the rim for two to three minutes. Once heated, use the hammer to pound out the dent. If it does not straighten immediately, reheat and try again.

A hammer is often not enough to repair a steel wheel's dent. In those cases, employ a rim straightener. This tool acts like pliers. It allows the pushing and pulling of the heated rim in order to remove the dent.

Use the metal file to eliminate rough patches or scratches. If the propane torch left any signs of scorching on the rim, use steel wool to remove it. Before returning the tire to the vehicle, have it remounted and balanced by a mechanic.

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