What Are Some Common Sizes of Lawn Tractor Tires?


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A common tire size for lawn tractor tires is 15x6.00-6. This means that the tire is 15 inches high and 6 inches wide. The tire fits on a 6-inch rim. Less common sizes include 18x11.00-10 and 22x11.00-8. When replacing a lawn tractor tire, check the tire's sidewall for a series of numbers in the same format. These numbers show the correct tire size for the tractor.

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Many different tire sizes are available. PetesTireStore.com's range of lawn tractor tires runs from 9 inches high to 31 inches high, including a variety of tire widths and rim sizes. It is very important to install the correct tires for a tractor. Some tires may fit even though they are not the correct size, but can still cause damage to the vehicle.

Lawn tractor tires may be difficult to remove. The front tires may be attached with a C-clip and washers, while the rear tires are generally attached with bolts and an axle key. Once the wheel has been removed, release all of the air from the tire. Using a screwdriver on the valve can assist with this step.

To remove the tire from the rim, place the wheel on the ground with the rim facing up, and prise the tire's bead away from the rim using a screwdriver. Take care not to damage either part of the wheel.

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