What Are Common RV Electrical Problems?


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Common RV electrical problems include using the incorrect amount of AMPs when plugging the RV into a ground circuit, issues with the electrical wiring of the RV or having an overflow of voltage for the RV. It is also possible to have a problem with the battery of the RV if one does not maintain it regularly, according to RV Dreams.

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It is common to run into electrical problems in an RV if the RV is not receiving the correct amount of voltage from its power source. It is important to make sure that the electrical adaptor that connects from the RV to the power source is the correct amount of voltage. Anything under the necessary amount will result in appliances failing to operate, whereas anything over the necessary amount may result in the electrical equipment short circuiting. To check that the RV is receiving the correct voltage, one can use a polarity test.

If the RV is parked and plugged into a campground's power, it is possible that the campground's wiring is dysfunctional. It is essential that the RV power cord be plugged into the campground's power pedestal and not into anything else. It is possible to hard wire the RV into the pedestal but may require more electrical knowledge, explains RV Dreams.

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