What Are Some Common Repairs on the Chrysler Sebring?


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Engine repairs are commonly required on Chrysler Sebrings due to accumulations of engine sludge, as reported by car repair statistics site CarComplaints.com. Other common repairs include brake replacements due to excessive noise or premature wear.

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Engine repairs due to sludge accumulation are most common on second-generation Chrysler Sebrings constructed from 2001 to 2004 with 2.7-liter V6 engines. The most commonly reported cause of this problem is the car's water pump, which can leak and contaminate the engine oil, resulting in the formation of sludge in the engine. This sludge is extremely damaging to the Sebring's engine, with many affected owners reporting that the engine must be rebuilt or replaced entirely. There has been no recall to address this issue in the affected model years.

Owners of second-generation Sebrings built after 2004 have reported oil sludge problems much less frequently than owners of the most affected years, but still frequently report needing to service the brakes of their vehicles more often than expected.

Owners of the third-generation Sebring sold from 2007 onwards have reported fewer problems than owners of the early second-generation model. The most common problem with the third-generation Sebring was that its engine could shut down unexpectedly when the car was stopped. This problem was traced to a defective tire pressure monitoring system that could short-circuit, and a recall was issued for the affected vehicles.

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