What Are Common Repair Problems for the Ford F150?


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Common repair problems with the Ford F-150 include ignition coil failure, oil leakage to the starter and potential ejection of the spark plug from the cylinder head. Some owners also reported problems with possible leakage of the engine oil pan gasket and rough running of the engine at rest.

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What Are Common Repair Problems for the Ford F150?
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A typical indication of ignition coil failure resulting from excessive spark plug gap is a lit-up "Check Engine Light." This can be fixed by replacing the ignition coils, spark plugs and coil boots. An oil leak originating from the head gasket in the right side often flows onto the starter, and it can be corrected by updating the head gasket.

If a spark plug in a Ford F-150 is ejected from the cylinder head and causes damage to the threads in the spark plug hole, RepairPal recommends replacing the cylinder head if the car is under warranty. Vehicles with an expired warranty can be fixed by using a particular thread insert.

A burning smell may indicate oil leakage from the engine oil pan gasket due to the buildup of leaking oil on the vehicle’s exhaust system. In such cases, Ford F-150 owners should replace the gasket. A sticking EGR sensor leads to a rough idle as the EGR valve remains a bit open. The problem can be solved by changing the valve and sensor.

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