What Are Some Common Reasons for Engine Noise?

Some common reasons for engine noise include having worn engine parts, low oil pressure and cam shaft belt problems. Noises that sound like they are coming from the engine, may actually be due to the brakes or fan belt.

Clicking and tapping sounds are often due to oil pressure problems or worn parts. These noises occur near the front of the car, often under the hood. If the engine noises sound more like a knocking sound, probably a part inside the engine is wearing out and needs to be replaced. This sound is often caused when the bearings become loose or worn. Since this can become a serious situation, the car needs service before too long.

Another common noise related to the engine is a whining or rattling sound, which is probably due to the cam shaft belt slipping or becoming misaligned, especially if these sounds occur when the car is going faster. If the fan belt starts to wear or needs to be greased, it can cause a squealing sound when accelerating as well as after starting the car. Because the fan belt sits close to the engine, this sound often seems as if it is coming from the engine.