What Are Some Common Questions About Trailer Wiring?


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Some common trailer wiring questions include what is a converter and why is a power converter necessary. What is the reason for the battery lead wire on the power converter is another common trailer wiring question.

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A converter is used to convert an independent system to a common system. An independent system refers to a vehicle where the brake light and turn signal work from two separate bulbs. On a vehicle with a common system these two functions are performed by the same bulb. Without the converter, vehicles with independent systems would not produce proper lighting when connected to a trailer.

A power converter is different from a converter in that it provides power for the trailer lights directly from the battery, bypassing the other electronics in the vehicle. This is necessary because many new vehicles electronics systems cannot handle the extra amp load required by trailer lights. The power converter protects these electronics from being damaged.

The battery lead wire on the power converter is the piece that provides the power to the trailer lights. The different colors in the wiring refer to different functions. For example the green refers to a right turn, yellow to a left turn, red refers to the brake lights, and brown to the taillights. These connect to the power converter and are used to relay the signal for what function needs to be performed.

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