What Are Some Common Questions About Mercedes-Benz Repairs?


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Common questions about Mercedes-Benz repairs focus on the gear shifter not coming out of park, the vehicle cranking but failing to start, the vehicle rattling at start up or the engine running roughly. Other common questions revolve around issues with rattling from the rear suspension and leaking fluid.

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Failure of the gear shifter to come out of park commonly occurs in E and S class Mercedes-Benz models. A vehicle with this problem starts and runs, even though the shifter does not come out of the park position. The problem occurs due to a malfunctioning selector module. Owners should bring their vehicles to a car shop for inspection if they encounter difficulty getting their cars out of park.

Mercedes-Benz engines that crank but fail to start are typically caused by a faulty crank shaft position sensor. Crank times increase until the sensor's eventual failure. The sensor sometimes fails to fire the engine if it does not get the signal to do so.

If the engine of the vehicle rattles when running for around 15 seconds, the problem may be caused by a worn belt tensioner. If the rattle persists for a longer period, a water pump pulley may be at fault. Vehicle owners should consult a mechanic to prevent overheating and avoid getting stranded without a belt.

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