What Are Some Common Problems With Warn Winches?


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Some common problems with Warn winches are the contractors failing over time due to debris or corrosion, problems with smooth spooling, remote controls dying, the motors failing and the ropes fraying over time. Nonetheless, Warn winches have a reputation for being sturdier than other models, states WinchBin.

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The contractor on Warn winches tends to go bad due to mud or other debris getting inside the box and damaging the terminals. Some solutions for motor failure are tapping the housing with a hammer to get the gears moving again, making sure there is a solid ground contact and cleaning any debris inside the casing. Replacing the steel rope with a synthetic rope may prevent spooling problems, and watching for signs of wear or fraying can prevent a snapped cable. Finally, a dead remote control may be responsible for the winch not working.

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